Alpha Brain vs Trubrain Review (Smart Drugs)

Alpha Brain and Trubrain are two different companies that sell a nootropic supplement. These supplements are sold as a cognitive enhancer and are supposed to improve memory, creativity, focus and motivation.

Before I decided to try Alpha Brain I researched all of the ingredients and found some ingredients that have not been studied enough and could be potentially harmful. Decided to try it anyways. It gave me an allergic reaction and made me breakout on my face in weird puss bumps. I took all 30 pills anyways to see if there were any cognitive benefits.

I saw very few benefits in Alpha Brain’s effectiveness. So I decided to test my IQ on Alpha Brain and compare it to my IQ on Trubrain.

Without any cognitive enhancing drugs my average IQ falls around 129.

After taking Alpha Brain for 30 days my IQ was averaged out at 131. However, after 60 days of taking Trubrain my IQ averaged out at 142 and I felt noticeably smarter.

During the semester that I tried Alpha Brain, my college GPA was only 2.9. But during the semester that I tried Trubrain, my GPA was 3.5.

I’m aware that there are many factors that could contribute to the difference in GPA and IQ score. However, in my subjective experience, I felt much more focused and clear minded while taking Trubrain. So if you’re considering taking a smart drug, I would recommend Trubrain for both its effectiveness and safety.


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